Madison’s Ghost Pepper Sauce 2 Pack


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Quick Overview

Madison’s Ghost Sauce follows our traditional style from M&O with the base of our sauce being red bell peppers unlike any of our competitors who use a lot of vinegar. Our taste platform starts off sweet to open your pallet, full flavor of oniony, garlicky, smokey complex taste while still reserving low sodium, low sugar, and low calorie.

Madison’s Ghost was made especially for the spicy connoisseurs who want to step up the spice, yet will continue to enjoy Madison’s unique versatile flavor while make good food taste better. Enjoy!


  • Testimonials

    My husband and I recently visited Scottsdale AZ, and ran into your sauce at a local bar and grill. I fell in love with it, we just ordered a case and plan to share it with all of our friends and family. It truly is 1 of a kind! I would love to help you bring it to Omaha Nebraska.