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Madisons Hot Sauce Company Information


Madison’s Original Hot Sauce and Madison’s M Sauce were the best accident I’ve ever made!

One night, while expecting dinner guests, I began experimenting with a vegan hot sauce recipe. I wanted to impress my guests, who were vegan, with a great tasting, organic, hot sauce. In the throes of attempting the vegan hot sauce recipe, my special vegan guests called and had to cancel our dinner plans, which was actually a great blessing in disguise. Primarily because I tasted the hot sauce that I had been making and it was awful! Having nothing to lose, I decided to take left over spices and ingredients, from my cabinets, and add them to the hot sauce recipe, attempting to improve the taste.

The steam coming from the hot sauce and out of the pot was very strong in scent. The aroma was a mixture of garlic and onion smells, while the peppers in the hot sauce were burning my eyes. The hot sauce had created such a potent smell that my dog ran outside and sat on the porch the entire time I experimented. There were even times that I had to join my dog on the porch because I couldn’t handle the burning from the peppers or the strong smell of the hot sauce. When I was convinced that the hot sauce was ready, I put it into a blender to grind it down and then I immediately put it into the refrigerator. Luckily, the hot sauce was finished. Unluckily, my entire house would smell like hot sauce for weeks!

Over the next few weeks and unsure of what I was going to do with all the left overs from the hot sauce recipe, I began giving it away. I handed out the hot sauce to friends, colleagues and neighbors. I even gave some of the hot sauce to the landscapers that were trimming a tree in my front yard. To my surprise, everyone who I gave the hot sauce recipe to loved it! Many people came back asking if I had any more of the gourmet sauce that I had given them. The landscapers even told me about how they ate the entire mason jar full of hot sauce in one meal and wondered if there was more.

With all of the positive feedback around my new vegan hot sauce recipe, I was eager to make more, but I couldn’t remember exactly how I had modified the vegan hot sauce recipe that I made. So, I had to dig through my garbage to find all of the empty spice and ingredient bottles that I had used up and thrown out. After retrieving the discarded remains, I confidently set about making a new batch of my new hot sauce recipe.  However, this time I wisely made the hot sauce recipe outside on a campfire stove.

As more and more people continued to praise the unique flavors of the hot sauce recipe and asked for more to enjoy, I began to think about marketing the new gourmet sauce I had created. I wanted to share it with as many people as I possibly could. It was then that I started daydreaming about becoming the new vegan hot sauce king, the king of gourmet sauce. I was having fun making the hot sauce recipe and I knew making the absolute best hot sauce was something I wanted to make my life’s work.

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    This stuff is liquid crack!!! I don’t think I have ever had anything better in my life! Please come to Florida soon, you would make a killing. Meanwhile I will order online, and I just ordered 8 cases, 4 of each! Thank you so much for creating this sauce, it is absolutely amazing!!