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Hello and welcome to the home of Madison’s Original Hot Sauce!

All of Madison’s gourmet sauces, like Madison’s Original Hot Sauce & Madison’s M Sauce, were created in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Every batch of Madison’s gourmet sauce begins with a custom spice mix, ensuring that each spice mix is carefully measured and prepared. Then the best peppers are selected to give Madison’s gourmet sauces the absolute best taste. Every batch of gourmet sauces is taste tested until it’s just right. All of Madison’s gourmet sauces are certified gluten and soy free. Every single bottle is made to perfection to deliver the best tasting hot sauce and our worldly acknowledged gourmet sauce, Madison’s M Sauce.

Madison’s Original Hot Sauce is a 2 time global award winning hot sauce. In 2013, Madison’s Original Hot Sauce won the THPA (The Hot Pepper Awards) for best marinade and also ranked in the top 3 for most unique hot sauce out of 186 categories.

Madison’s not only makes the best tasting gourmet sauces, like Madison’s Original Hot Sauce, but, all our gourmet sauces are certified gluten free and made by using only the healthiest organic vegetables and no artificial substitutes. All of Madison’s gourmet sauces are made the old fashioned way, before preservatives and artificial ingredients. All Madison’s gourmet sauces are vegan sauces, lactose free and low in sodium that can be enjoyed by everyone on everything.

Some of Madison’s customers love the healthy aspects of our gourmet sauces. Others love our gourmet sauces because of the award winning taste. Whatever your reason may be, all of Madison’s gourmet sauces are versatile and can be put on entrees, snacks, sandwiches, vegetables and all of your other favorite foods.

Madison’s supports local Phoenix, Arizona based businesses and we attend every manufacturing event we are invited to.




  • Testimonials

    I just tried your sauce for the first time, and I at it on everything, and cannot seem to find one thing it does not go well with. Chicken, Shrimp, Eggs, Dipping, Spreading, Drinking!!! What an incredible product you have. How can I buy it by the gallon?